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The Best Amazon Reimbursement Software & FBA Refund Managers

This post is by Tuvyah Schleifer, the founder and CMO of CRSeller. CRSeller is a marketplace services provider offering the most exclusive suite of solutions.

For eBay, CRSeller offers suspension reinstatements, selling limit increases, and account status audits. As well, eBay marketing tools including Daily Deals invitation support.

For Amazon, CRSeller specializes in tactical approvals and invitations for vendors and sellers. As well, brand-boosting strategic activity including ASIN optimization, marketing and PPC management.

Over Paris at Night - An Amazon Account is Like a Great City

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Do you have a product that benefits the world?

Or how about a super-huge platform to sell your product?

Amazon is a wonderful retail channel to consider. You get built-in marketing, otherwise impractical or even impossible to achieve.

It's a cheap place to sell and open to a large number of people.

There's almost no need for a standalone website...

Go ahead, register and hundreds of millions of customers become your golden opportunity.

They see your products, and their very presence increases your chance for real sales.

Every person who sets out to do any form of real business has profit-making as their goal.

So, if you are a seller or planning to become one on Amazon, odds are you are looking to make money.

Not loose it.

Amazon makes it's Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service available for every seller.

When you become an FBA seller, in-advance of customer orders you send your product to Amazon. Amazon 'picks,' 'packs,' and ships your product to the location of the buyer.

As a bonus, Amazon provides almost all customer services for your sales.

Manage By Stats Amazon Tools Stats Virtual Assistant Sales Dashboard

Of course, Amazon would also like you to make lots of money and enjoy your partnership with them.

Yet, managing millions of customers and sellers can be a herculean task. So much so, that things tend not to go well as expected. Issues like misplacements of product, delays in response, and others may come up.

Are you aware of all this and that’s what is keeping you from becoming a seller with Amazon? Or you are already selling and beginning to realize with green grass, also comes weeds.

Does it ever get so bad that you think about withdrawing altogether?

Well, there is some good news for you. Did you know you can claim refunds and reimbursements due to you? Yes, believe it. There is a way to follow through with getting your own cash back from Amazon.

This is a great relief to all sellers.

It is all possible via Amazon reimbursement software. Managing seller refunds, to claim your own money is pretty simple now.

Let's be straight.

Selecting a reimbursements service provider is not 'if' rather 'when.' After reading this article, 'when' might be your next click.

Every seller finds that often, areas of business-critical operations need a specialized tool.

Some common areas include: Shipping, repricing, inventory management and multi-channel.

Refunds and reimbursements are now on that list too. It's simple, this is a seller 'best practice.'

No matter your size, recovery is often estimated around 1-3% of revenue, or more. We know of one provider that recovered 15% of revenue! Average numbers are 5% or less. Yet even so, left unchecked this can add up.

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