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The Best Amazon Reimbursement Software & FBA Refund Managers

This post is by Tuvyah Schleifer, the founder and CMO of CRSeller. CRSeller is a marketplace services provider offering the most exclusive suite of solutions.

For eBay, CRSeller offers suspension reinstatements, selling limit increases, and account status audits. As well, eBay marketing tools including Daily Deals invitation support.

For Amazon, CRSeller specializes in tactical approvals and invitations for vendors and sellers. As well, brand-boosting strategic activity including ASIN optimization, marketing and PPC management.

Over Paris at Night - An Amazon Account is Like a Great City

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Do you have a product that benefits the world?

Or how about a super-huge platform to sell your product?

Amazon is a wonderful retail channel to consider. You get built-in marketing, otherwise impractical or even impossible to achieve.

It's a cheap place to sell and open to a large number of people.

There's almost no need for a standalone website...

Go ahead, register and hundreds of millions of customers become your golden opportunity.

They see your products, and their very presence increases your chance for real sales.

Every person who sets out to do any form of real business has profit-making as their goal.

So, if you are a seller or planning to become one on Amazon, odds are you are looking to make money.

Not loose it.

Amazon makes it's Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service available for every seller.

When you become an FBA seller, in-advance of customer orders you send your product to Amazon. Amazon 'picks,' 'packs,' and ships your product to the location of the buyer.

As a bonus, Amazon provides almost all customer services for your sales.

Manage By Stats Amazon Tools Stats Virtual Assistant Sales Dashboard

Of course, Amazon would also like you to make lots of money and enjoy your partnership with them.

Yet, managing millions of customers and sellers can be a herculean task. So much so, that things tend not to go well as expected. Issues like misplacements of product, delays in response, and others may come up.

Are you aware of all this and that’s what is keeping you from becoming a seller with Amazon? Or you are already selling and beginning to realize with green grass, also comes weeds.

Does it ever get so bad that you think about withdrawing altogether?

Well, there is some good news for you. Did you know you can claim refunds and reimbursements due to you? Yes, believe it. There is a way to follow through with getting your own cash back from Amazon.

This is a great relief to all sellers.

It is all possible via Amazon reimbursement software. Managing seller refunds, to claim your own money is pretty simple now.

Let's be straight.

Selecting a reimbursements service provider is not 'if' rather 'when.' After reading this article, 'when' might be your next click.

Every seller finds that often, areas of business-critical operations need a specialized tool.

Some common areas include: Shipping, repricing, inventory management and multi-channel.

Refunds and reimbursements are now on that list too. It's simple, this is a seller 'best practice.'

No matter your size, recovery is often estimated around 1-3% of revenue, or more. We know of one provider that recovered 15% of revenue! Average numbers are 5% or less. Yet even so, left unchecked this can add up.

AMZPromoter Facebook Landing Page Sales Funnel for Private Label

Now, are you ready for some great news?

Amazon allows sellers to make reimbursements claims that go back 18 months. That means, right after signing up with a reimbursements service you get a payday.

Granted it's your own money minus the service provider fee in most instances. Yet, you were almost never going to see it ever again.

Now is not the time to agonize over your lifetime sales before 18 months ago. Now is the time to dig-in to a little more research and pick a provider that makes the most sense for you.

Below we've compiled a list of top providers. Also, our goal is to share with you a little more about how they work. The main thing is that you find a provider you can trust. In the past, various providers have struggled with Amazon terms of service compliance. Now, most providers review accounts on a manual basis. Manual means frivolous claims to Amazon are for the most part now avoided. In the past, automated providers were in a sense 'spamming' Amazon support. That didn't work for Amazon and providers received threats. As well as sellers using those providers.

This article would not be complete without mentioning this 'dark' past. Yet, as of now you would be joining the ranks of tens of thousands of sellers using such tools.

Moving forward, let's look at when a refund/ reimbursements applies.

First, before thinking to ask Amazon to pay you, you must know the basics of how Amazon owes you money. It's important to know what can happen in the midst of all the selling activity that can result in held money.

Warning: Do not live in the assumption that Amazon will pay you unrequested. After all, they have a lot to handle. Overlooking your retained money, as bizarre as this sounds does not seem to be a priority.

Amazon Price Monitor Alerts Cease and Desist Template

Make no mistake, according to Amazon's own policy, you qualify for a refund when affected by one or more of the below. We've listed only four areas. Yet almost every provider hunts down your money from many more. The most sophisticated providers crawl through over 15 such areas...

Damaged Inventory

  • If your product receives damage at an Amazon fulfillment center, they owe you money. Before it even gets removed back to you, Amazon must refund you the cost of the product. Yet, this claim is not automatic.

Misplaced Inventory

  • Your inventory can get lost somewhere in all the processing. Or, misplaced. A that point it's up to you to identify the loss. When you do, you can expect a reimbursement.

Undelivered returns

  • When your customer returns a product, they receive an immediate refund. Yet if the product does not find its way back to the Amazon warehouse, here too you are due a refund.

Overdue Returns

  • Although not the norm, Amazon allows for product returns after 30-days. In this instance, your account receives a debit according to the value of the product. Yet, a reimbursement is due since Amazon granting returns after 30-days is on them, not you.

In summary, every seller experiences all these things during your seller journey. Hence the need to sign up for Amazon reimbursement software. What should you be looking for in a reimbursement software and which is likely to serve you best? Let’s consider the options:

All Refund Pad requires of you is that you upload a copy of your Amazon Seller Central reports. Then, they’ll tell you exactly which items may qualify for reimbursement. Pricing starts at $19 a month and drops 60% for the $89 annual plan. Refund Pad draws you in with a seven-day free trial. Seeing those results in your hand is bound to leave you longing for more.

Refund Pad Reimbursement Manager Refunds Software

If you sign up with Refund Pad, you will receive easy to understand reports. Report delivery is twice in a month and guaranteed to be Amazon-compliant. Future updates are free, you have the freedom to cancel at any time. Refund Pad is ideal for anyone leery of an API-synch


Refunds Manager is the industry standard and first to market in 2013. Most impressive is it's an enormous user base of 5,000 plus sellers. Also, they cover 19 possible reimbursement case-types.

Refunds Manager Reimbursement Software

Again, there is no long-term commitment. Yet Refunds Manager also has no monthly fee. Their business model is fee-based. After you get a reimbursement, Refunds Manager auto deducts 25% of its value from your credit card on file.

Sign up, synch your API and you will receive an account manager who who submits and tracks all claims.


Seller Locker analyses your FBA account using a proprietary algorithm. As well, they offer discrepancy detection for your item size and weight. Also 100% compliant with Amazon, Seller Locker synchs with your API and yet does not self-claim. It is up to the seller what claims to file and the seller files themselves.

Seller Locker Reimbursement Manager Refunds Software

Many sellers trust Seller Locker's hybrid approach as it allows the seller the 'best of both worlds.' On the one hand the software is doing the heavy lifting. Yet here the seller is in complete awareness and control.


Leanseller is a very unique tool. It is capable of tracking profit by SKU, brand, ASIN, category, and date range. Also an unprecedented view of your payouts that your accountant will love. It also includes an inventory manager that features the customers return reason. And a robust view of orders and customer data. They also have sweet mobile version.

Leanseller Refunds Manager Reimbursement Software

Leanseller, has hands-down one of the most beautiful dashboards. By design, it helps sellers self-identify cases to submit. There is an API synch like Seller Locker, yet pricing is month-to-month.

During your free trial, they go back 6 months. After the trial, they reconcile all data in your account going back 18 months.


Mention CRSeller at sign up for a 5% fee reduction.

ReimburseMeNow works via your Seller Central interface. They log in to download the files necessary for an audit. Then, they send case files for reconciliation to Amazon. Pretty simple. Again, mention CRSeller upon sign up and your fees drop. Reducing your fees from 25% of the money found and credited to your seller account to 20% has never been simpler!

ReimburseMeNow Refunds Manager Reimbursement Software

Don't like the idea of someone going into your account? They offer a second option for $2! You download the needed reports yourself and then send via email to ReimburseMeNow. They will reply with detailed instructions including case files to submit to Amazon. In this option, a flat fee of $2 per case file applies


Seller Repay is super for non-USA sellers! They currently support all five EU Amazon Seller Marketplaces! France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom.

FBAauditor Refunds Manager Reimbursement Software

Seller Repay is an automated solution like Refunds Manager in the USA. They take care of everything on the back end. And like Seller Locker, they also offer watch for FBA fee overcharges. (Due to inaccurate weights or measurements.)


AZRefundGuide offers a $19 ebook training.

AZRefundGuide Refunds Manager Reimbursement Software

This allows 'do it yourself' sellers to begin claiming reimbursements asap. Everything in this guide is step-by-step with screenshots to save you time. Includes templates to copy and paste when making claims to Amazon. Great for experienced DIYer's or newbies on the smallest budget.


Our VIP custom solution is for qualified sellers. You must be selling $3mm over the past 18 months to be considered.

If you are new to Amazon reimbursements or looking for a new reimbursement provider, we can help. With this solution, we introduce you to an exclusive and private service provider. Our top-choice provider nets you the most money, faster, and over a greatest variety of cases.

If you would like an introduction with this service provider, please click here: CRSeller Amazon Reimbursement Service



As an amazon seller, you no longer have to be scared of losing money due to things that are actually not your fault. You have a lot of options to choose from above. The main thing is to see your provider as form of security for your business. No matter the product status - lost, damaged or unreturned, you know that you can still get a reimbursement. So take immediate advantage of of the links above.

Find a provider that you feel comfortable with and begin to secure your money asap.

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New seller or experienced, CRSeller can change your selling life.

Retailers, ready to up your game? Be part of the exclusive customer-preferred selling programs on Amazon and eBay. See your business grow.

Distributors, retail your products in a global setting. Let FBA, Prime and eBay world-class mobile merchandising do your heavy lifting.

Refurbishers, it's the right time to go retail. Amazon and eBay are the top retail channels to move discounted product.

Isn't it About Time?

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