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Getting Your Amazon Certified Refurbished Seller Application Approved

This post is by Tuvyah Schleifer, the founder and CMO of CRSeller. CRSeller is a marketplace services provider offering the most exclusive suite of solutions.

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For some time now, many seller applications for Amazon Renewed Certified Refurbished (CR) are being declined. Denials are due to substandard seller-applicants. As well, Amazon may have already reached an optimal seller-threshold per brand. In any case, Amazon is not public with it's openings or closures. As such, any seller desiring to sell in this program, requires a new application. Amazon's stringent and meticulous application process is the only way to get approval. To recap, many application denials are for failing to show adequate seller competency. Or, Amazon has enough seller offers per the seller-applicant's brand or category selection.

Amazon takes their operational procedures quite serious. If there is any failure to complete the application, as well this will generate a denial.


The following is necessary for Amazon approving your application:

Amazon is a half-trillion dollar company serving millions of customers every day. It is a must, that sellers do not have the ability to damage Amazon's reputation. Before applying, you need first to register to be a seller on Amazon. Consideration for approval into the program requires being a seller. Sellers must supply invoices showing $50,000 worth of refurbished units. Or as an alternative, 500 units. The invoices much show the purchases as being within ninety days of the application. Items below $15 are not counted in the 500 units.

Almost all products listed on Amazon are fit for resale. Amazon procedures remove any poor performing sellers. Products carry an Amazon, seller and often manufacturer warranties. Sellers in the program face extra reviews on performance. Extended seller warranty terms are also required. As with any product, a customer may note technical or cosmetic issues after delivery. Sellers must offer a 90-day warranty window on all products.

Sellers also need to provide over 8 images of a sample product for Amazon review. The images detail the product, product packaging, accessories, and product shipping package. The product must also be "Grade A+" with no exceptions. They product must work and look like they are brand new. As they would come out of a box for the first time. They may be like new, 'open-box,' or of course refurbished to like new. The new packaging may be "brown box" or "white box." All products should also include original accessories. Any generic accessories must have the necessary certifications, such as Apple MFI.

Next stop on the approval train is brand-level issues. The product you are applying to sell should be real. This means, you are acquiring the product from a known and authorized source. The product must conform to manufacturer standards. Amazon needs to trust that the product you intend to sell is acceptable by the brand to sell. Failure to show this will have your application declined.

Amazon will decline seller applications of high-profile brands such as Apple and Samsung. Amazon has added measures to maintain customer quality standards for such trusted brands. Wireless devices and personal computer categories also face similar application declines.

In conclusion, seller approvals can be a challenge to get. If you are dealing in like-new, 'open box' or refurbished goods this program may be a perfect fit. A must have in fact. Certified Refurbished ASIN's often outstrip sales of the main ASIN. Once in the program, sellers have unlimited ability to create CR ASIN's. This is an Amazon game-changer for sellers. Before you apply, ensure that you have the necessary paperwork. In your application, avoid products like Samsung and Apple. Attune yourself to the policy and procedures Amazon put in place. These protect the buyer, seller Amazon, and the brands. They also guarantee quality and value of the totality of the experience.

If you have been declined before or simply can't get approved, CRSeller can help.


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