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2018 Ecommerce Conferences

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CRSeller is hosting a booth at this year’s Brooklyn, New York Ecommerce Conference and Expo. The conference caters to the tri-state area online industry.

Both educational and trade-related, the conference is sure to leave a positive imprint.

There are 11 seminars, 50 vendors, and a CEO Roundtable. As well, a full buffet dinner and breakaway roundtable sessions.

The event is on Tuesday February 6, 2018.

If you want to attend, I am happy to pass on a special 20%-Off discount code for you. This translates to 20% discount to the price of regular admission.

If you have interest, the event offers online ticketing.

When ordering, enter promotion code: vendor20

Please make sure to stop by our booth and say hello.

Looking forward to seeing you,



Who is CRSeller?

CRSeller specializes in bespoke Amazon and eBay services for vendors and third-party sellers.

Our core competency is supporting existing or would-be Amazon sellers or vendors. In particular, CRSeller offers application and approval support for seller programs requiring invitations.

This includes the following programs:

The Renewed Certified Refurbished Program

(For now, the word's 'Renewed' and 'Certified Refurbished' we find to be interchangeable. We will use the abbreviation "CR" for now.)


The CR program is a must-have. Getting permission to be a 1P vendor or 3P seller is a critical business move. This alone can 10-100x your current business on Amazon. Why? Well, it's simple. This is not a mere condition type. Amazon gives this special program new ASIN's. By design, these ASIN's are being advanced in search results due to customer demand. Sellers in this program have the right to add an offer on an existing ASIN or create a new ASIN.

If your stock looks and works like new or is 'open-box' at least your stock belongs in this program. As far as you as a seller, here is where Amazon does not mince words. Your application success depends on your ability to be a world class partner with Amazon. This means, that you can commit to extraordinary customer service. As far as vending this coveted stock to Amazon, there can be greater hoops to jump through.

While invitations are being granted, they can be difficult to get. After receiving approval, selling the brands you want can be even more difficult. For example, many find it impossible to sell or vend Apple or Samsung.

In all four instances, (CR, brands, Apple, Samsung,) we can help.

On eBay, we offer a unique suite of services including:

  • Reinstating a seller account with an indefinite suspension

  • Becoming a Daily Deals seller

As well, CRSeller offers launch and direction services for brands, distributors, and refurbishers. This includes seller account leasing, seller, vendor, and general provider referrals. New for 2018, we launched a 'done-for-you' service tier providing activity coordination. This gives our client-partners access to being a top Amazon seller from the get-go.


New seller or experienced, CRSeller can change your life on Amazon and eBay.

Retailers, ready to up your game? Be part of the exclusive customer-preferred selling programs on Amazon and eBay. See your business grow.

Distributors, retail your products in a global setting. Let FBA, Prime and eBay world-class mobile merchandising do your heavy lifting.

Refurbishers, it's the right time to go retail. Amazon and eBay are the top retail channels to move discounted product.

Get Yourself Unrestricted and Approved to Sell. Isn't it About Time?