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How to Unsuspend Your eBay Seller Account

This post is by Tuvyah Schleifer, the founder and CMO of CRSeller. CRSeller is a marketplace services provider offering the most exclusive suite of solutions.

For eBay, CRSeller offers suspension reinstatements, selling limit increases, and account status audits. As well, eBay marketing tools including Daily Deals invitation support.

For Amazon, CRSeller specializes in tactical approvals and invitations for vendors and sellers. As well, brand-boosting strategic activity including ASIN optimization, marketing and PPC management.

eBay Reinstatements

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According to eBay, you can have as many accounts as you wish, though with separate email addresses. That said, you'd better not be trying to take advantage of eBay policy. For example, having many accounts to buy more units than allowed during promotions. Or, to have many selling accounts to compensate for poor performance. Or worse, to try to beat a suspension.

Note: Logging in to a 'friends' account to access eBay is also a no-no. No kidding, a real friend is still a violation.

Once eBay suspends you there is a natural time for reflection.

A few searches on google will often yield a plethora of 'stealth account' advice.

Yet nothing is better than getting your original account back. After all, you have seller feedback and a limit that's hard to replace. Once you go down the stealth road - thats kind of unforgivable in eBays eyes. After all, now you became an overt violator of eBay policy. So if you have a real business that you care about, relax and calm down. Focus on some other channels and take time off from eBay.

That's actually our best advice. And when you are ready to start selling again, contact CRSeller. We specialize in getting your account back. Along with your feedback and selling limits intact, or even a higher selling limit.

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Having your account reinstated on your own is not a simple process. In fact, it can be infuriating. Many times you will feel wronged. Many sellers have ended up harming their own ability to sell again. Remember, eBay does not need you yelling at them to tell them they made a big mistake. Think about it.

To get your selling privileges back, you need to understand what happened. In most cases, you will know. If not in your heart, eBay will tell you. Or dig around your operational procedures and customer data. You should be able to figure this all out.

On eBay's end, a real person at eBay overlooking your account felt you are a danger to the eBay community. Yes, it's true. No matter your stellar history. That's their job in the risk department and they do their job well. It's value is a massive trust-based community and smart business decisions.

Check this out, it's dated January 24, 2018. eBay's operating margin is 24% versus Amazon's 2%.

eBay Operating Margin Versus Amazon and Wal-Mart

One thing to let sink in is that eBay knows what they are doing. They have a fantastic team committed to making money. So if you can fit yourself into that picture, you will likely get reinstated. If you seem like a threat to that picture you won't. It's that simple. If a buyer is having a bad experience on eBay because of you, there are plenty of choices besides eBay. So you either see eBay as your platform to run your racket or a partner to grow with. Your choice.

For sure eBay makes mistakes. Yet your job now is to show eBay (yes, a real person in the USA) that you are worth another chance. Not that they made a mistake, because they did not. Don't go down that tunnel. Let it in, whatever happened did warrant a suspension. It's important to get that. If you do, then your first line of action is to work on making sure that will never happen again. How are you going to convince eBay in your first email that you did that already, for real?

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Bear in mind something shocking. By the time you got your suspension they were watching your account closer than you may think. eBay might have even reached out to you. Sometimes sellers get so busy they stop checking messages. Assuming they are all worthless unless from a customer. Oops. So the big take away is - eBay is watching your account for a while before they suspended you (with hesitancy.) And within 24 hours - your first email back to them you fixed everything? What was the tone of that letter? Like an elementary school child getting caught - who is promising to 'never do it' again? Ok, you get the idea. So first, find out why it happened.

Here is a List of Common Reasons

  • Inaccurate billing information (ie. card expired.)

  • Failure to pay seller fees or eBay received a declined payment.

  • Failure to reimburse eBay after they refunded a buyer on your behalf.

  • Outdated information or email address is not working.

  • Found to be operating two or more accounts with different personal details.

  • Buyer complaints including deliver delays or cancelled orders.

Take Aways

  1. Yes, resolving a suspension due to payment disputes is quite easy.

  2. Yes, the performance stuff is real hard to dance around. We know the drill...

First, your dashboard doesn't look so bad. Second, it was only a case or two. Third, everyone was suffering from that fulfillment issue. Fourth, it was only a slight glitch in your inventory management. Fifth, you and the customer were handling anyhow until 'they' went out of communication. Last, yes it was that employee who messed it up. (And you've been struggling with your team training and oversight for some time anyhow.) How does the above sound? Well, to eBay like "the dog ate it." So, if you got the boot for this kind of stuff it can be quite difficult without professional help.

Making Your Appeal

You can make your appeal by replying direct to the email notification of suspension. Of course, include any relevant information that eBay requires. Be proactive - let eBay know you need some time to look through where the failure was. Show you are serious about this. Ask if there is any more information they can provide to assist in your investigation. Bite the bullet and thank them for the suspension to avoid getting in worse trouble than you may be already. Let them know that you would like to get back to them over the few weeks as you determine what happened. Request they continue to be a resource in helping you in your discovery. As well, in your implementing fixes. Imagine communications from here.

We know, at a time like this it's hard to let the revenue stream slip away. But remember, a) it's already gone and b) a stealth account takes time to build up. c) Now you're hiding for the rest of your selling life. Relax, focus on Amazon or building out SEO on your own site. Develop an affiliate site with eBay's Partner Network.

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