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Attending eBay Open 2018

This post is by Tuvyah Schleifer, the founder and CMO of CRSeller. CRSeller is a marketplace services provider offering the most exclusive suite of solutions.

For eBay, CRSeller offers suspension reinstatements, selling limit increases, and account status audits. As well, eBay marketing tools including Daily Deals invitation support.

For Amazon, CRSeller specializes in tactical approvals and invitations for vendors and sellers. As well, brand-boosting strategic activity including ASIN optimization, marketing and PPC management.

eBay Open 2018

Photo Credit: eBay Open

eBay's founder, Pierre Omidyar launched eBay in 1995 under its original name AuctionWeb. Yet by 1997, "eBay" fast became a household name and went public the following year. In Pierre’s inaugural words, eBay is: “Dedicated to bringing together buyers and sellers in an honest and open marketplace.” The critical component being - the relationship with its customer. Both buyers and sellers, but particularly its sellers. As of today, eBay has grown into a dynamic global platform. There are over 250 million registered users exchanging every imaginable type of product. There are over 1 billion products marketed and sold on eBay at any given time. In 2015, third-party sellers sold over $82 billion of merchandise. eBay's commitment to its buyer and seller community has paid off. Pierre achieved his goal of building an environment of trust and transparency. Are you one of the hundreds of millions of active eBay buyers and sellers from around the world?