Hiring a Manager for Amazon Reimbursements & Refunds

Sellers often have an internal manager for making reimbursement claims to Amazon for the purpose of garnering refunds on withheld money. Many use an external auditor or reimbursement software.


When it comes to claiming your money and making a support case for FBA reimbursements and otherwise, like lost inventory, conforming to Amazon policy is critical.


This call is for Amazon sellers who have made a thorough refund review and have found that their FBA inventory in particular is quite exposed to withholding risk such as:


  • Customer Returns
  • Warehouse Damaged
  • Misplaced Inventory
  • Lost Inventory


There are many reviews online for popular refund software providers who manage, reconcile, report, reverse, or in general offer a program or a 'complete guide' to reimbursements. (Both for the US, and all other Amazon marketpalces including the UK, and elsewhere.)


This call is to qualify Amazon sellers for an introduction to a private and exclusive reimbursements provider. This provider gets more money back, faster and from the greatest variety of case-types. You must be selling $3mm over the past 18 months to qualify for consideration.


If you are not selling at this level, please see our in-depth review of the best Amazon reimbursement software and refunds managers.

This short 15 minute call is designed to help you built confidence that an excellent referral is being offered to you in the matter of your Amazon reimbursement/ refunds needs.

We're not sticklers for time. The call isn't going to end on the 16th minute, yet we're confident we can hit the high points in about 15 minutes.

The imporant thing is that you face your Amazon reimbursement and refunds needs with confidence and power.

We look forward to working with you

Hiring a Manager for Amazon Reimbursements & Refunds

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