eBay Account Status Assessment

eBay Account Status Assessment


This product provides 'peace of mind.'


Are you wondering if you have 'related' (linked) accounts? If so, how many? Simply put, have you been 'playing with fire' and curious to know how close you are to 'being burnt?' Meaning, are you wondering how to make sure you stay away from a suspension? Or, you may be asking, 'how can I be sure I am not close to one?' Or, 'what types of things has eBay noted on my account that I might not be aware of?' In general you want to know - how can you remain a seller with confidence.


Many websites sell stealth accounts. Yet why risk having to go there. You have an account, so why not make sure you stay active with full privilidges.


Peace of mind comes from knowing with a degree of certainty where you stand. And as well, your empowerment to take action.


Finding out something new about your eBay account is not guaranteed. This product will deliver a few key comments about your eBay account. The comments are designed for you to have a unique 'touchpoint' into the quality of your relationship woth eBay.


In short, this product will let you estimate your risk. Only you will be able to 'translate' the data in a way that is meaningful for you. If your goal is to know the chance for remaining successful, this product is designed for you. We will deliver the approximate likelihood of you keeping your eBay seller account in great standing.


Turn around time is about 3 days in most cases.


After you buy, you will download an instruction sheet. Included is an overview of the next steps to proceed


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eBay Account Status Assessment

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