Amazon Renewed - Samsung Wireless

Welcome to our premiere Amazon un-gating support service.


CRSeller specializes in the most difficult and lucrative gates on Amazon.


The Amazon Renewed Certified Refurbished (CR) Program is a must-have for resellers. Sellers find selling Apple and Samsung wireless offers cherished rewards.


Our un-gating service for Samsung Wireless is now available as a one-time service. The Amazon Renewed Program, was also named the "Certified Refurbished Program."


We always work per your specifications and subject to qualification. CRSeller supports the following existing account types:


  • Existing account, not currently approved for Renewed/ Certified Refurbished. We assist in your account being 'un-gated' for Samsung Wireless. (And as well the Renewed Program in general.)


  • Existing account, already approved for Renewed/ Certified Refurbished but not for Samsung wireless. We assist in your account being 'un-gated' for Samsung Wireless. (As well as anything else you may need.)


As well, the following non-existing account types:


  • New related account, as authorized by Amazon. This is for selling Samsung Wireless products in the Renewed/ Certified Refurbished Program. (For example, you have another account that sells into another category altogether. Or one that is not authorized to sell in the Renewed Program.)


  • New non-related account, as authorized by Amazon for selling Samsung Wireless products. In particular, within in the Renewed/ Certified Refurbished Program. (For example, you are a distributor or refurbisher and this is your first time selling on Amazon.)


In all the above instances we can help...


Our service is for sellers who can not find the approvals they need. Either, on their own, or a quick as they would like, or they prefer to not try on their own. One example of a seller profile who prefers to work with us is a new seller. Distributors or refurbishers often have fantastic buying power and product selection. They can make a huge positive impact into the Renewed program. Yet it is otherwise impossible to develop sales history. As such, they may not have the ability to meet Amazon's approval qualifications.


Important, please read:


We do not discuss qualifications or your specific situation before buying this product. We wish we could, but we don't have the time.


Every business has a unique situation. As a whole, the situations are no so unique to merit individual calls before buying this service. Right after we begin, if we can not help you we offer a full refund. As well, in the endif we fail to produce the result, you will also receive a full refund. As we work with you, we may see that new cost may apply. Or we may note a 'point of no return.' (Whereby your must face a non-refundable fee.) If so, we will disclose this well in advance.


Phone Calls


We realize that many wish to have a phone call, but again we do not have the time. During the process we may have to speak with you by phone to help clarify matters. We love to get to know our client-partners better. For this is the best way we can offer the best possible suite of related services. Yet alas, we do not grant inbound phone call privileges during this process. You are our valued customer, yet we can divert time. This is a 'phone call not required' service. We do offer a phone service at an extra cost. You may contact us here if this is important to you.


Please note, we can not promise the call will be valuable to you. The cost does not account for our time to take the call. Yet it is a fair price.

Amazon Renewed - Samsung Wireless

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