Amazon Private Label Strategy: Product Review

We know that many are trying their hand in private label selling on Amazon. And to be frank, we see sellers fall headlong into the private label trance. Often times, investing in the wrong products. Or having nowhere to turn for concrete answers. The private label master classes, peers and forums aren't helping. The suppliers don't seem to care one way or another. So where do you turn?


Hair products? Water bottle? White label? Beauty products? Electronics? A niche finder? ...Sound familiar?


You found the right place. This information product is for any private label newbie seeking solid, practical advice.


  • Would you like to pick products for Amazon with confidence?


  • Would you like to avoid products that don't have a chance?


First of all, thank you for coming to CRSeller and considering working with us. Thank you for taking a good, hard and serious look at making a private label business work for you. Give yourself a huge 'right on' for going for your goals! Next, I want to thank you for your time. It takes time to read through our product descriptions to see if there is even a fit. You are on the right track!


CRSeller is the platform where Tuvyah Schleifer presents unique ecommerce offerings for everyone. From the largest to the smallest Amazon sellers and brands since 2010. Tuvyah has an extensive background in product design, sales and marketing. Making him your perfect go-to success partner.


Would you like to start earning life-changing money? Are you ready to execute on your private label strategy? Can you see how the right product or product line can make a huge difference in your life?


Is this part-time income for you? Are you forced to make an entrepreneurial move in your life? Do you or does a family member have a medical or health issue requiring you home more? Or would you like to live the ecommerce dream? Travel, fine experiences, being rich!


Have you seen value in your Amazon/ private label learning curve? We bet you're learning a lot in the whole process. Are you seeing how picking the right product is super-critical?


So, now let's describe the process:


Order this product, email us your short list (up to 5 products.) And we will give you a brief statement highlighting the feasibility of your choices. Send your list in the form of links to Amazon of like products, Alibaba, etc.


While picking the product isn't everything, it's required to start. Once you start, we are here for you make sure you are working on your private label business in a way thats best for you!


If you have any questions first, please ask on our chat or email us at


Thank you and looking forward to supporting your Amazon private label journey!

Amazon Private Label Strategy: Product Review

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