Our negative product review reporting & removal service is an ideal solution for sellers.


'Private label,' and brand-exclusive sellers often ask Amazon to remove negative reviews. Yet the trick is, being successful at getting Amazon to see the issue and remove the negative review.


Defect announcements, personal preferences, poor and even fake reviews purchased by competitors all plague the review platform...


Of course Amazon wants more legitimate product reviews. Yet what can they do?


As it is, Seller Central remains a DIY platform and as such relies on seller input. Yet, writing cases can be time consuming and quite frustrating. Even successful support case-writers, and expert-consultants can reach the point of giving up. Attempting to remove negative product reviews has been one of these areas.


Until now...


CRSeller's Amazon negative product review reporting & removal Service is 100% TOS-compliant. We follow Amazon guidelines, as we submit a full and compelling case.


We know how to not waste Amazon's time with poor requests. (Have you ever felt like Amazon is ignoring you. Well, how do you respond to spammers. Get the idea?)


We boast a 50-70% success rate. This means if you have 100 negative reviews, we average about 50 to 70 removed. Average means, sometimes more. Sometimes less. It's hard to talk averages since every situation is different. (Your product may in fact be lousy and give many people good reason to complain. And they complain in a manner that is hard to remove.) You product may be fantastic, and you have an aggressive competitor. Or you may have attracted an entity desirous of your demise. Sad but true.


The good news is that we're pretty good at getting those nasty fake reviews removed.


The better news is that CRSeller can help you 'wipe the slate' clean.


The best news is that you can take action now!

Amazon Negative Product Review Reporting & Removal Service

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  • We have a 50-70% success rate. Use coupon code 50%OFF when placing your order to avoid paying for removals we can not do. Upon order completion, we will refund you or likely second-invoice you as necessary. This way, you only pay only for reviews removed.